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Topographic Maps

Map Series
Topographic maps, 7.5-minute quadrangle format. Show houses, roads, buildings, streams, populated areas, ground contours and elevations, woodland cover, and other features. Index to available maps free on request.
Size: approx. 23" by 27"
Scale: 1" = 2000' (covers an area of about 7 miles by 8 miles)

Intermediate series topographic maps with metric measures. Show cities and towns, roads, trails, railroads, ground contours and elevations, political boundaries, rivers, lakes, woodland cover, geographic names, and other features. Each map has a conversion table from meters to feet.
Size: 24" by 44"
Scale: 1:100,000 (l cm = 1 km; 1" = 1 1/2 miles)

United States Series of Topographic Maps. Contour interval varies from 25 feet in flat terrain to 500 feet in mountainous regions. Because of the limitations of this scale, detail is somewhat generalized. Lithoprinted in color. Indexes available on request.
Size: 24" by 34"
Scale: 1:250,000 (1" = 4 miles).

State maps, 1:500,000 scale. See State Maps

Other topographic maps
Columbia Project Area Map. Shows project area, dam site, and proposed pool outline. Lithoprinted in colors. Topographic or planimetric (see below).
Size: 22" by 34"
Scale: 1" = 1 mile

Land Between The Lakes Recreation Area. In two sheets, lithoprinted in color.
Size: 22" by 34"
Scale: 1" = 4000'

Land Between The Lakes Area.
Size: 11" by 32"
Scale: 1" = 8,000'

Nickajack Project Area. Shows reservoir area (from old Hales Bar Dam Site downstream to present Nickajack Dam location), dam site, road-railroad-utilities relocations, and revised topography of reservoir area. Blackline print.
Scale: 1" = 1/4 mile.

Tellico Project Area Map. Shows reservoir area, dam site, and lake at normal pool elevation. Lithoprinted in color. Topographic or planimetric (see below).
Size: 22" by 34"
Scale: 1" = 1 mile

Tims Ford Project Area. Shows reservoir area, dam site, topography, and proposed pool, 1965 edition. Lithoprinted in color.
Size: 22" by 34"
Scale: 1" = 1/2 mile

Related items
Topographic Map Symbols. An illustrated list of the symbols used on topographic maps.

Planimetric maps by TVA, 7.5-minute quadrangles, 1935-1937 edition. These maps do not show contours and all are outdated by topographic maps. No quantity discounts. Blueline prints.
Scale: 1" = 2000'


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