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Public Notice

Tennessee Valley Authority


July 21, 2003

Proposed Action

Deed Modification and Land Use Change


Melton Hill Reservoir, Anderson County, Tennessee


The city of Clinton has requested a deed modification to allow recreational development on a 16-acre parcel of property located in Carden Farm Industrial Park which TVA sold to the city in 1985 for industrial development. The city is also requesting a land use allocation change in the Melton Hill Reservoir Land Management Plan, changing the use of shoreline fronting this parcel from industrial to recreational.

The location is Melton Hill Reservoir, Anderson County, Tennessee. The city proposes to develop the tract for multi-purpose recreational use including: football / baseball / softball fields, running track, park and picnic area, a river walk and public courtesy dock.

TVA is interested in receiving comments on the potential of the proposed action to affect the environment or historic properties and identifying any other issues associated with this proposal. These comments will be used in reaching a decision concerning the proposed action.

All written comments on this proposed action must be received on or before August 25, 2003 and should be directed to:

Donna E. Norton
TVA Melton Hill Watershed Team
2099 Grubb Road
Lenoir City,TN 37771


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