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Wheeler Operating Guide


2015 Observed Midnight Elevations
2014 Observed Midnight Elevations
# Normal Operating Zone

Observed midnight elevation

Observed midnight elevations are shown for two years: last year and the current year to date. These are the actual elevations of the reservoir immediately upstream of the dam, measured at midnight of each day. The previous night’s elevation is added to the graph by 6 a.m. the next morning.

Normal operating zone

These lines depict the zone of normal operation for power production and summer mosquito control. During high flow periods, the top of the normal operating zone may be exceeded for the regulation of flood flows.

During the late spring and summer, TVA varies the elevation of Wheeler Reservoir to aid in controlling mosquito populations. Elevations are lowered during the week and raised a foot on weekends to strand mosquito eggs and larvae on the shoreline.


If you compare the operating guides for different reservoirs, please note that the scale for the vertical “Elevation” axis varies. To keep the size of the charts consistent, a larger scale is used for reservoirs that fluctuate significantly; a smaller scale is used for reservoirs that typically fluctuate only a few feet.



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