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Encouraging desirable plants & animals

""Integrated vegetation management in transmission rights of way encourages "early successional" native habitats that pose less threat to power reliability yet offer safer havens for desirable plants and animals.

A well-managed right of way can provide attractive, sustainable habitat for a wide variety of birds, pollinators and other wildlife. Many plant and animal species thrive in the low-growing trees and grasses in TVA transmission rights of way and have for years.

Researchers and conservationists report that threatened and endangered species find welcome refuge and ideal habitat in transmission rights of way. More common species benefit, too.

Studies show that strips of shrubland along well-managed transmission rights of way can support a richer diversity of plants and animals than corridors maintained by less integrated approaches. They also can provide good nesting habitat for bird species that have declined significantly in other areas. This is why it's important that property owners not disturb or remove vegetation TVA may have planted in transmission rights of way, especially along waterfronts.

Through integrated vegetation management, TVA works to create high quality habitat in transmission rights of way in the Tennessee Valley region.  




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