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A consistent, standardized approach

In managing transmission rights of way, TVA takes an integrated vegetation management approach that is consistent and standardized and respects the rights of property owners. Our goal is to ensure a safe, reliable and cost-effective transmission system that complies with regulatory standards.



Transforming unsafe, costly and difficult to maintain rights of way like this


Into safer, more reliable, and ecologically beneficial rights of way like this…  

To accomplish this, we make frequent visual inspections of our rights of way, including aerial flyovers with advanced infrared laser imaging technology that helps identify potential problems more quickly.

When we spot trees, shrubs or other plants that are a threat to safety or power reliability, or have the potential to become a threat, we remove them proactively.

In the wire zone, or floor area, directly under the wires, we reduce the need for repeated maintenance by selectively applying herbicides along with mowing. This discourages the re-growth of undesirable hardwoods and encourages the growth of grasses and other non-woody, low-growing native plants that require less maintenance and are beneficial to wildlife such as quail.

We only use EPA-approved and registered herbicides. Licensed professionals selectively apply them only where needed in neighborhoods and maintained areas. Herbicides may be applied more widely in rural areas that are not maintained.




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