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TVA Kingston Fly Ash Release:
Environmental Studies in Progress – SETAC 2010

TVA organized a special platform session and a complementing poster session on the environmental investigations underway at the Kingston site for the annual meeting of the Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) in Portland, OR in November 2010.

The session “TVA Kingston Fly Ash Release: A Case Study in Environmental Investigations of Coal Ash Toxicity,” had 8 speaker presentations and 17 posters presenting results of investigations by researchers from TVA, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US Army Corps of Engineers, Arcadis, Inc., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Duke University, Appalachian State University, Middle Tennessee State University, Environmental Standards, Inc. and Restoration Services, Inc.

Abstracts of all presentations are linked below, along with a copy of each of the 8 platform presentations and 14 of the 17 poster presentations.

Abstract Booklet


Platform Presentations

TVA Kingston Ash Recovery Project Regulatory Overview  

Generating Meaningful Environmental Data in the Midst of an Emergency Response

TVA Kingston Fly Ash Transport and Fate Study

 Fly Ash Geochemistry: Current Course of Investigations

Evaluation of Risks to Fish Reproduction from the Kingston Steam Plant Coal Ash Spill

An Integrated Health Assessment of Fish Populations Exposed to Fly Ash Releases at the TVA Kingston Facility

Bioaccumulation, Maternal Transfer, and Effects of the TVA Kingston Ash Spill

Environmental Assessment and Management Programs for the TVA Kingston Ash Recovery Project


Poster Presentations

Integrated Ecotoxicological Research Program – TVA Kingston Ash Recovery Project

Characterization of Coal Ash Associated with a Release of Fly Ash at TVA’s Kingston Fossil Plant

Evaluation of Impacts on Surface Water Quality Associated with a Release of Fly Ash at TVA’s Kingston Fossil Plant

Producing Defensible Environmental Data Using Modified and Non-Standard Methodology

Ash Migration Investigation Using Sub-Bottom Profiler near the Kingston Ash Spill

Characterization of Survival and Growth Effects Observed in Hyalella azteca Exposures to Fly Ash

Assessment of Bioaccumulation of Fly-Ash Associated Metals by Fish in the Area of the TVA Kingston Fly Ash Release

Fly Ash and Mercury: Does Selenium in Ash Inhibit Methylmercury Bioaccumulation?

Accumulation of Potential Fly Ash Contaminants by Aquatic Invertebrates Downstream of the Tennessee Valley Authority Kingston Fossil Plant

The Effects of Fly Ash Release from the TVA Kingston Steam Plant on Fish and Benthic Macroinvertebrate Communities

Initial Assessment of Trace Element Exposure in Insectivorous Birds Nesting Near the Kingston Ash Spill

An Overview of Ecological Studies of Wildlife Potentially Impacted by the Kingston Ash Spill

Baseline Ecological Risk Assessment Strategy for the TVA Kingston Fly Ash Recovery Project

Evaluation of Human Health Risk from Potential Exposures to Fly Ash at the TVA Kingston Fly Ash Recovery Project




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