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Kingston Recovery

TVA Kingston Fly Ash Release:
Environmental Research Symposium 2011

The symposium was held August 2-3, 2011 at Roane State Community College, Harriman, TN, as a forum for scientists and engineers performing current research on coal combustion products, particularly on the Kingston fly ash release.  Symposium objectives were to provide opportunities for TVA fly ash research grant recipients to discuss research plans and present preliminary results, to facilitate exchange of information among fly ash researchers, identify priorities and gaps in current research and technology on impacts of fly ash in the environment and to initiate discussions on long-term monitoring for the Kingston site.

This year’s poster and podium presentations were made by TVA and its contractors (Geosyntec, Jacobs, Restoration Services Inc., Arcadis, and Environmental Standards) as well as researchers from Duke University, Appalachian State University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Iowa State University, North Carolina State University, Middle Tennessee State University, Old Dominion University, University of Colorado, University of Tennessee, Virginia Polytechnic and State University, Stroud Water Research Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the US Army Corps of Engineers--Engineering Research and Development Center (USACE-ERDC) in Vicksburg, MS.

Unlinked presentations will be added to the web site as the presenters grant permissions.


Symposium Program

Abstract Booklet

Platform Presentations

Assessment of Fish Population Health in the Vicinity of the Kingston Fly Ash Release

Assessing the Risks to Fish Reproduction from the TVA-Kingston Fossil Plant Fly Ash Release

Ash Spill on Tree Swallows and Turtles

Bioaccumulation and energetic effects of Kingston fly ash on freshwater mussels: A combination field and laboratory approach

Bioaccumulation, Maternal Transfer, and Effects of the TVA Kingston Ash Spill on Tree Swallows (Tachycineta bicolor)

Bioaccumulation in aquatic - and riparian - feeding birds at the Kingston Ash Spill

Effects of the Kingston Ash Spill on Amphibians and Reptiles

Fish Bioaccumulation Studies Associated with the Kingston Fly Ash Release

Fly Ash Geochemistry: Post-Spill and during High-Intensity Dredging Operation

Groundwater Flow and Transport Modeling for Prediction of Potential Impact of Constituents of Concern from the Proposed Ash Landfill at TVA’s Kingston Fossil Plant, Tennessee

Integrated Ecological Research--TVA Kingston Ash Recovery Project

Predicting Mobilization & Bioaccumulation of Trace Elements from Coal Fly Ash using Speciation Analysis

Periphyton and Aquatic Vegetation Sampling for the Kingston Ash Recovery Project

Quantifying the Release of Bioactive Trace Elements from Coal Combustion Products to Natural Waters

Selenium at the base of aquatic food webs

Selenium Biogeochemistry in Rivers Receiving Direct Coal Ash Inputs

Terrestrial Mammal Study

The Complexity of Reservoir Benthic Habitats: Deciphering the Effect of the Kingston Fly Ash Release on the Benthic Macroinvertebrate Community

The Effect of Dissolved Organic Matter on the Release of Trace Elements from Coal Ash in Natural Surface Waters

The Effects of Fly Ash Release from the TVA Kingston Steam Plant on Fish

The geochemical and isotopic characterization of the environmental impacts of the TVA coal ash spill: a 30-month investigation

The TVA Kingston Ash Recovery Project: Ecological Risk Approach

Trends in Bioaccumulation of Fly Ash Contaminants by Aquatic Invertebrates Downstream of the Tennessee Valley Authority Kingston Fossil Plant

TVA Aquatic and Sediment Toxicity Studies

TVA Kingston Ash Recovery Project Roane County, TN

TVA Kingston Fly Ash Transport and Fate Study

Poster Presentations

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

Baseline Ecological Risk Assessment Strategy for the TVA Kingston Fly Ash Recovery Project

Characterization of Coal Fly Ash Associated with a Release of Fly Ash at TVA’s Kingston Fossil Plant

Evaluation of Human Risk from Potential Exposures to Fly Ash at the TVA Kingston Fly Ash Recovery Project

Evaluation of Impacts on Surface Water Quality Associated with a Release of Fly Ash at TVA’s Kingston Fossil Plant

Fly Ash as a Potential Food Supplement?  Bioaccumulation in Critters Near the Kingston Ash Spill

Integrated Ecological Research-TVA Kingston Ash Recovery Project

Observations of Metals and Metalloid in Sediment Porewater Associated with the Tennessee Valley Authority, Kingston, TN Ash Recovery

So What Does It Mean?  What Ecological Effects Has the Kingston Ash Spill Caused?

Break Out Summary

TVA Research Symposium 2011


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