June 2008

Change is Good

Welcome to the new Inside TVA.

With this issue, we look less like a newspaper and more like a magazine or newsletter, and a color one at that. We think this makes sense for a monthly publication, and we hope you agree.

Inside TVA staff

From left, Nancy Cann, La’Nita Jones and Brooks Clark

Because of advances in printing presses, we are able to print in color basically for the cost of the ink. Even with that small added cost, and the cost of using 100-percent recycled paper, our new format will save money in production, paper and mailing costs.

The new Inside TVA is about you, the men and women of TVA. It will include our work lives, our lives outside TVA and sometimes our lives after TVA (the new Inside TVA is mailed to retirees). We want to catch your eye, and we want to foster a sense of community.

To make it work, we need your help.

Whenever you have feedback or an idea for a story, please call or e-mail one of the members of our editorial team — editor La’Nita Jones (423-751-2540; ljones@tva.gov), production editor Nancy Cann (865-632-8004; nmcann@tva.gov), or writer Brooks Clark (865-632-8027; nbclark@tva.gov). You also can send suggestions to the Inside TVA mailbox at insidetva@tva.com.

Suggestions for articles can be sent to the following correspondents

Nuclear Plants
Bellefonte – Susan Gentle
Browns Ferry – Jason Huffine
Sequoyah – Terry Johnson
Watts Bar – Kay Whittenburg

Fossil Plants
Allen – Wavine Isaac
Bull Run – Mary Nolan
Colbert – Susan Shedd
Cumberland – Sue Beard
Gallatin – Kriste Lanius
John Sevier – Norma Cato
Johnsonville – Glenda Killen
Kingston – Beth Jackson
Paradise – Beverly Morehead
Shawnee – Debby Abell
Widows Creek – Linda Mann

Power Service Shops
Teressa Williams

River Operations and Office of Environment
& Research

Barbara Martocci