Special Edition

Message from Tom Kilgore

photo of Tom KilgoreThis month, and in these pages, we celebrate TVA’s 75th year of service to the people of the Tennessee Valley.

This is a time to reflect on the achievements of our predecessors and honor those who laid the foundation for TVA. Let us be grateful for their leadership and inspired by their example, and let us be humbled by the opportunity to carry on their tradition of commitment as we work to write new chapters in the history of TVA.

Because of what our predecessors achieved, we have the responsibility to do even better. The depth and breadth of talent at TVA is greater than at any time in our history. We are led by a Board with broad knowledge and experience, our management team is focused, and our workforce is among the best in the industry.

These pages capture key points in TVA’s remarkable history, and the next chapters are ours to write. Let us take the occasion of TVA’s 75th anniversary to renew our own commitment to the ideals for which TVA was created and the enduring mission we serve.