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gps logoTVA is excited to announce we are working with select distributors to offer a new Green Power Switch option—Pure Solar.  Green Power Switch Pure Solar is a renewable energy alternative that is sourced entirely from Generation Partners (which will soon transition to Green Power Providers).  These programs encourage Tennessee Valley homes and businesses to install solar panels across the Tennessee Valley Authority’s service territory.  Your purchase of Green Power Switch Pure Solar gives you the right to claim the environmental benefits of displacing traditional sources of power generation with clean, renewable, solar power. You can also claim to be solar-powered for that portion of your electricity for which you buy Pure Solar.

Green Power Switch Pure Solar is being tested in select regions during 2012 to determine whether this option will be valuable to you as a customer.  Please sign up today if you would like to be a part of the solar revolution in our Valley.  The purchase of Green Power Switch Pure Solar will help to increase the amount of small-scale solar that’s being installed all over the Tennessee Valley. 

Since this is a pilot, there is a possibility that Pure Solar will not be available after the year-long test period.  If you would like to see this solar option grow and become a Valley-wide program, sign up today!  If you aren’t in one of the test regions but still want your voice to be heard, send us an email at  Your feedback will be considered when we evaluate the pilot.

It’s the next best thing to having solar panels on your roof

Each 50 kilowatt-hour (kWh) block of Green Power Switch Pure Solar costs $8.  For the average Tennessee Valley household, a purchase of 6 blocks of Green Power Switch Pure Solar each month would mean 25% of the home’s electricity would be offset with solar power.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why buy Green Power Switch Pure Solar?
    • Pure Solar is a great option for customers who support solar power but do not have the ability to install their own solar panels.  That includes those who rent, have a shaded roof, have a roof that doesn’t face south, or are otherwise unable to install solar.  By participating in Green Power Switch Pure Solar, customers know they are displacing traditional energy generation with regionally generated solar power.  
  • Is the original Green Power Switch option going away?
    • No, the original $4 Green Power Switch option will continue to be available to all customers served by participating power distributors.  Green Power Switch Pure Solar is being piloted as an additional program option in addition to the original.
  • What is the cost difference between the Green Power Switch Pure Solar and the original Green Power Switch option?  
    • Because solar generation is more expensive than other forms of renewable energy, Pure Solar is considered a premium product.  It is priced at $8 per block.   Like the original Green Power Switch option, the amount of your monthly purchase is added to your monthly power bill.  Each block represents 50 kWh.  (Note that the average Tennessee Valley residential customer uses 1,205 kWh of electricity per month.)  



Block Size

Green Power Switch Pure Solar

$8 per block

50 kWh

Green Power Switch (Original)

$4 per block

150 kWh


  • How long will the Green Power Switch Pure Solar pilot last?
    • The pilot or test market is scheduled to run during 2012.  If customer response is positive it will likely remain an option, but TVA reserves the right to eliminate the option after assessing test market results.
  • What if my Power Distributor does not offer Green Power Switch Pure Solar? 
    • Let us  know by emailing, calling your power company, or sending us a letter at Green Power Switch, 1101 Market Street MR 3M, Chattanooga, TN 37402 so that your voice can be heard when we evaluate whether to expand the program.
  • Is Green Power Switch Pure Solar Green-e certified?   
    • The Pure Solar pilot is not certified.  The Center for Resource Solution’s Green-e Energy program, which continues to certify the original Green Power Switch program, requires certified products to have a minimum of 100 kWh per block to receive certification. Pure Solar has 50 kWh per block to make it affordable while also covering the cost of Pure Solar’s supply source, Generation Partners or Green Power Providers.
    • Nevertheless, TVA carefully monitors and verifies both the quantity of energy generated by solar projects in the Tennessee Valley and the quantity sold to Green Power Switch customers to ensure that we meet a high standard of transparency and credibility.

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Participating Local Utilities

Bowling Green Municipal Utilities

BVU Authority

Chattanooga Electric Power Board

Knoxville Utilities Board

Lenoir City Utilities Board

Oak Ridge Electric Department





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