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Giving the Gift of Green Power

image of a plantDennis Martin quite literally gave his wife the world for their anniversary.

Last June, Martin decided to surprise his wife by signing up for the Green Power Switch program, offered by distributors like Southwest Tennessee Electric and TVA.

While most customers purchase one or two blocks each month, Mr. Martin agreed to purchase enough green power to cover their total energy consumption.

The Martins’ concern for the environment goes beyond green power. During construction of their home, the couple took great care to be environmentally conscious.

“We did not want to use new wood that would require cutting down trees,” said Martin. “The beams for the timber frame were salvaged from a building in Rhode Island, and the walls are constructed from Styrofoam™ panels. The exterior walls and roof have no two-by-fours.”

The green power purchased by Dennis Martin and his wife Judith Ammons does help save the world. Their annual purchase is the environmental equivalent of recycling 2,400 lbs. of aluminum (approximately 76,000 aluminum cans), recycling 8,800 lbs. of newspaper or planting 5 acres of trees.

Content used with permission from Tennessee Magazine, April issue, STEMC section.

Vol. 6, No. 2 — Autumn 2006



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