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Blount County Couple Gets Paid to Protect the Environment

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Preserving the environment is a worthwhile investment in the future. But what if you could help preserve the environment and get paid for it today?

Blount County residents Russell and Sheri Liles have learned the sky is the limit in making this idea a reality. The Liles, proud participants in the Green Power Switch Generation Partners program, have installed solar panels on their property to generate clean, green power. By participating in the program, the couple now generates about one-third of the electricity they use at home from the sun and have the opportunity to sell green power back to The City of Maryville Electric Department and TVA.

Investing about $13,000 to set up the solar panels, Russell said he expects it will be about 15 years before it pays itself off. However, he has already seen savings in the bills. “The last two months have been the lowest electrical bills I’ve had in years,” said Liles. Lowering energy bills and safeguarding the environment for years to come, Valley residents like the Liles agree that the sun gives their community much more than light.

Learn more about the Generation Partners program and how you can participate.

Vol. 6, No. 2 — Autumn 2006



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