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Green Power Switch News

Vol. 5, No. 3 — Fall 2005


Generation & Participation Updates

Generation update

Generation June 1, 2005 - August 31, 2005
Solar power sites* 133,868 kWh
Wind power site 6,087,894 kWh
Methane gas sites 10,929,393 kWh
Total Green Power Switch generation 17,151,155 kWh


*For a complete listing of solar sites and their daily output, please click here.

Participation update

As of August 31, 2005

Total number of green power blocks subscribed:

Number of green power blocks subscribed since
March 1, 2005
Number of residential customers subscribing: 8,218
Average number of green power blocks per
residential customer:
Number of business customers subscribing: 431


*For a list of participating business customers please click here.

Environmental equivalent statement

The more than 26,700 blocks of green power being purchased by GPS subscribers provide an environmental benefit equal to planting 9,700 acres of trees or removing 6,200 cars from Valley highways for a full year. Thank you for helping make the Tennessee Valley a better place to live.

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Dear Subscribers:

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Generation & Participation Updates

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