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Vol. 5, No. 3 — Fall 2005


Solar site at MTSU to supply green power

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  Chris Jones, left,Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation, and Mark Kimball, Chief Engineer of Murfreesboro Electric Department, look over the new solar generation system at Middle Tennessee State University.  


MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – Middle Tennessee State University has built the first commercial-scale solar generation system to supply green power to the TVA power system. Murfreesboro Electric Department and TVA are partners with MTSU in the project.

The 10-kilowatt solar system is the largest of 11 generating sites participating in the Green Power Switch Generation Partners demonstration project, which allows power consumers to generate and provide green power to the grid. TVA and 18 participating power distributors offer the program to support the increased use of renewable resources to generate power.

“We welcome MTSU as the first large commercial Green Power Switch Generation Partner in the Tennessee Valley,” says TVA Senior Vice President of Marketing Jim Keiffer, who praised MED for making the demonstration project available in its service area. “MED not only provides the vital link between the solar generators and the TVA power grid, it provides the technical expertise to ensure that the green power is delivered effectively and safely.”

In addition to being a power generating site, the MTSU solar facility is being used as a research and teaching tool for the university’s alternative-fuel vehicles program. which includes the production of hydrogen to power experimental vehicles.

“I’m passionate about the utilization of renewable resources,” says Dr. Cliff Ricketts, MTSU professor of Agribusiness and Agriscience and head of the alternative- fuel program. “We are pleased for the opportunity to work with MED and TVA as part of our efforts to demonstrate the practicality of alternative resources to power our homes, businesses, and automobiles.”

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Solar site at MTSU to supply green power

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