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Green Power Switch News

Vol. 5, No. 3 — Fall 2005


Dear Subscribers:

Thank you for supporting Green Power Switch (GPS). We are excited about the success our program has experienced since our launch on Earth Day in April 2000. Today we have more than 8,200 residential consumers and more than 400 businesses purchasing blocks of GPS.

But we know this is just the beginning. We want to see Green Power Switch continue to grow in the Tennessee Valley, and we need your help. People like you who have taken the lead in purchasing green power are our most valuable asset in getting the word out about the environmental benefits of participating in Green Power Switch. We are asking you to be our ambassadors across the region and help us spread the word.

With many thanks for your support,

Jim West, Senior Manager
Green Power Switch

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Dear Subscribers:

TVA wins state energy leadership award for GPS

Stretch your energy dollars

Solar site at MTSU to supply green power

Kilowatt Ours Aims to Enlighten

Green Power Switch Expands

Generation & Participation Updates

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— Jim West
Senior Manager
Green Power Switch
P. O. Box 292409,
OCP 2-400
Nashville, TN 37229-2409