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Vol. 4, No. 2 — Spring 2004


Feedback from our readers

Nancy Watson, from Washington County, Tennessee, has been a Green Power Switch subscriber since March 2002, after reading about Green Power Switch in the Erwin Utilities newsletter. Nancy feels good about her monthly contribution, and she hopes it will help spur more renewable generation.

Marcy Hensley of Unicoi County, Tennessee, has been a participant in Green Power Switch through Erwin Utilities since June 2003. She too feels good about her contribution, which, she says, is a needed investment for a better energy future that we have a responsibility to make.

The Fonberg family in Jonesborough, Tennessee, was among the first subscribers of Green Power Switch when the Johnson City Power Board began offering the program in March 2001. Conserving electricity in the household through the use of energy-saving lighting and Energy Star appliances goes hand-in-hand with their desire to see green power expand.

Mickii Carter, of Johnson City, Tennessee, also was among the first subscribers when green power became available. The Carter family believes their investment is urgent and cost-effective as green energy helps forestall further damage to the environment, which is more costly to repair later on. The program offers an easy way for people to support actions toward greening the environment, especially when time constraints make other ways of support difficult.


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Feedback from our readers

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