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Vol. 4, No. 1 — Winter 2004


What is energy right®?

The energy right program is an energy efficiency initiative offered by TVA and participating local power companies to promote the wise and efficient use of electricity in homes and small businesses. The program offers a broad range of services, including an energy efficiency rating system for new home construction, which help residents and small business owners improve comfort while making the most of their energy dollars.

The energy right New Homes Program helps to ensure that consumers building new homes or buying manufactured homes have the resources and information they need to make their homes as energy efficient as possible. Builders and consumers receive information about home design, weatherization measures, infiltration reduction, and installation of efficient heat pumps, water heaters and appliances. This information helps them build homes that save money and promote responsible energy use. Site-built new homes are rated using an industry-accredited Home Energy Rating System software, which generates an energy efficiency score for each new home built.

Through the energy right Water Heater Program, consumers looking to reduce water heating costs can replace their old water heaters with new, higher-efficiency models. Local power companies may offer cash incentives, discounted equipment, installation, rebates, and other incentives for purchasing an energy-efficient water heater.

With the energy right Heat Pump Program, TVA and local power companies offer convenient financing on heat pumps for existing homes. In addition to financing, the program offers consumers access to the Quality Contractor Network, which highlights the best in the business for installation of new heat pumps.

Finally, the energy right program also offers do-it-yourself energy audits that can be completed online or can be mailed in for processing. The energy right Home e-Valuation is fast and easy to complete. The user receives a detailed analysis of his or her energy use with valuable low-cost and no-cost recommendations to save money and energy.

With access to all of the information and incentives provided through the energy right program, homeowners can make informed decisions that will help them become more responsible energy consumers in addition to saving money on their monthly power bills. For more information on the energy right program, visit

picture of TVA employeesTVA recently presented Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse with the first Green Power Switch Leadership Award at the grand opening ceremony of the new Lowe’s store in Springfield, Tennessee. In addition, the State of Tennessee presented Lowe’s with the Tennessee Energy Leadership Award to recognize the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship and energy-efficiency education.


Betsy Child (left), Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, presents the state award to Robin Nickles, Vice President of Facilities at Lowe’s, while Jim Keiffer, TVA Senior Vice President of Marketing, holds the company’s Green Power Switch Award. Gary Harris, Green Power Switch Program Manager, is at right.


Notes from our readers

Ever since GPS was offered by KUB, I’ve been a participant. I believe that renewable power is our ultimate fuel source and needs to be supported and grown as quickly as possible. When I recently moved, my top priority was making sure my GPS blocks were switched to my new address. Also, kudos for using 100% post-consumer recycled paper and soy-based inks in the GPS news! Keep up the good work.

Jonathan, Maryville, TN

Just wanted to tell you how pleased I was when we received our first brochure in the mail regarding green power. It’s very refreshing to think that as a consumer I have some choice in where my utilities come from and whether or not they are environmentally responsible.

Lindsay, Murfreesboro, TN

I’d like to see articles with tips on how the average person can conserve power and become more environmentally friendly. Also, I’d like to see a list of businesses contributing to Green Power. I would rather give my money to them than to others who do not see the importance of conservation.

Zach, Sevierville, TN

GPS replies: See energy-saving tips on page 2 and on back page. And for a list of the 300-plus businesses that support GPS, go to www.greenpowerswitch .com.

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New Trio Teaches Nashville Elementary Students About Green Power

What is energy right®?

Also: Notes from our readers

Energy tips from a reader

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10 simple things you can do

1. Recycle a soda can—save enough energy to power your computer for five hours.

2. Empty rooms love the dark—flip the switch when you leave.

3. Office equipment wastes energy when not in use—turn off idle equipment.

4. Buy products with recycled content and reduce energy consumption by 30%.

5. Look for the Energy Star label when you replace computers and office equipment.

6. Lower your hot water heater to 115º for some cool savings.

7. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs— in torchiere-style lamps, for example, they are safer and use much less energy.

8. Buy a programmable thermostat with an automatic setback—you can save 10% on your energy bill.

9. Take a ceramic mug to work— conserve the energy it takes to make 500 paper cups a year.

10. When you make copies, use both sides to double your energy and resource savings.

Source: Federal Energy Management Program

Give the gift that keeps giving all year.

Purchase one block of GPS for one year in the name of someone special and give the gift of clean energy all year long. Simply visit our Web site for more information. The recipient will receive a card from GPS notifying him or her of your gift.