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Introducing Green Power Switch Generation Partners™

TVA and participating distributors of TVA power are now offering Green Power Switch Generation Partners™. The program, a dual metering option for residential and small commercial consumers, offers a credit, applied to a participant’s electric bill, for the generation of green power. TVA will purchase the entire output of a qualifying installation as a Green Power Switch resource through a participating power distributor.

The GPS Generation Partners program is basically structured as follows. A residential or small commercial consumer installs a qualifying generation source, TVA purchases the entire output of the system, and the consumer receives a credit on their monthly bill for the energy generated. Currently, qualifying generation sources for the program are photovoltaic and wind turbine systems with a minimum output of 500 watts of alternating current and a maximum of 50 kilowatts. Qualifying systems must be used primarily to provide all or part of the energy needs at a particular site and must not have previously generated into the grid. Installations must also comply with local codes and adhere to specific interface guidelines established by the program.

Several seminars on grid-connected solar and wind power are being conducted around the Valley. Topics include program structure, qualifying systems, installation requirements and financial incentives. The seminars are free, half-day sessions conducted by TVA, your local power distributor and a representative from the Florida Solar Energy Center ( For more information, please contact Matt Gregory at (615) 232-6757 or


Generation update

Solar power sites

Generation February 1, 2003 - April 30, 2003

Adventure Science Center 6,689 kWh
Dollywood Tram C 2,417 kWh
Dollywood Tram D/E 2,628 kWh
Gibson County High School 3,768 kWh
Ijams Nature Center 3,698 kWh
Cocke County High School 2,772 kWh
Duffield-Pattonsville Elementary School 2,594 kWh
Sci-Quest/North Alabama Science Center 7,608 kWh
American Museum of Science & Energy 4,169 kWh
Lovers Lane Soccer Complex 5,809 kWh
Finley Stadium 18,987 kWh
Oak Ridge National Laboratories 2,050 kWh
Florence Water Treatment Facility 9,739 kWh
University of Mississippi Intramural Fields 6,780 kWh

Mississippi State University

4,947 kWh
Total solar generation 84,654 kWh


Wind power site Generation February 1, 2003 - April 30, 2003
Buffalo Mountain Wind Park 1,159,394 kWh


Methane gas sites Generation February 1, 2003 - April 30, 2003
City of Memphis Wastewater Treatment Facility 2,243,485 kWh
Middle Point Landfill 714,286 kWh
Total 4,201,819 kWh


Participation update

Total number of green power blocks subscribed:

Number of green power blocks subscribed since February 1, 2003 - April 30 2003: 923
Number of residential customers subscribing: 6,488
Average number of green power blocks per residential customer: 1.7
Number of business customers subscribing: 326 business customers purchasing 9,865 blocks*

*For a list of participating business customers please click here.




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Introducing Green Power Switch Generation Partners
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