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Green Power Switch News
Vol. 2, No. 3—
Summer 2002

Main story
Tennessee Volunteers for Green Power Switch

Governor Don Sundquist recently announced that all state buildings in Nashville have joined Green Power Switch, making the Volunteer State the first in the Southeast to purchase green power for its state buildings.

“Tennessee’s future depends upon affordable, dependable energy,” said Sundquist during the announcement ceremony at Cumberland Science Museum in Nashville. Among the crowd of approximately 50 people were several members of the governor’s administration, members of the environmental community, representatives of Nashville Electric Service, and members of the public.

The governor made his remarks on a beautiful, sunny afternoon at the site of the first Green Power Switch solar generating facility, which is located on the museum grounds. The museum’s solar canopies officially joined TVA’s generation lineup in April 2000.

photo of Tony Grande, Milton Hamilton, Justin Wilson, Governor Sundquist, Stephen Smith, Donald Kohanski, Skila Harris, and Gary Harris
From left: Tony Grande, Commissioner of Economic and Community Development; Milton Hamilton, Commissioner of Energy and Conservation; Justin Wilson, Deputy Governor; Governor Sundquist; Stephen Smith, Executive Director of Southern Alliance for Clean Energy; Donald Kohanski, CEO of Nashville Electric Service; Skila Harris, TVA Director; Gary Harris, Green Power Switch Program Manager

While the sunlight harnessed by the solar panels generated electricity for Tennessee Valley Green Power Switch participants, it also energized the governor as he spoke about the importance of being environmentally conscious. “We all have a responsibility to wisely use that energy to protect our environment. I hope the state’s participation in Green Power Switch will encourage Tennessee residents, businesses, and local governments to do the same,” he said.

The state buildings in Nashville, including the governor’s residence, are purchasing more than 400 blocks of green power. A total of 4,400 residents and 222 businesses in Tennessee have signed on to Green Power Switch through 31 local power distributors.

“We’re always working to expand Green Power Switch in our service area,” said Donald Kohanski, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nashville Electric Service. “We hope our customers will see the governor’s example and purchase green power for their homes and businesses.”

We’ll have to wait and see if indeed more Tennessee residents take advantage of the natural rays that shine on sunny days like the one on which the governor made his announcement. In keeping with the spirit of the Volunteer State, we feel sure they will.

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Green Power Switch News is a quarterly newsletter produced cooperatively by the Tennessee Valley Authority, distributors of TVA power, and the environmental community to provide information about the status and growth of Green Power Switch—a renewable energy option.

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—Gary Harris, Program Manager, Green Power Switch, HRT 11D, P. O. Box 292409, Nashville, TN 37229-2409

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