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Green Power Switch News
Vol. 2, No. 1,
Winter 2002

Spreading the Message About Environmental Stewardship

The Reverend Sally Bingham, of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, made a visit to Knoxville on November 7 to meet with public and religious leaders and discuss the role of churches in environmental stewardship. She also met with TVA staff to discuss Green Power Switch.

Two years ago, Rev. Bingham and her diocesan commission for the environment received approval to form Episcopal Power and Light (EP&L) in order to allow churches to purchase green power. Within a year, nearly 60 parishes in California had switched to green power, and the program quickly became national and interdenominational. Steve MacAusland of the Massachusetts Diocese is the co-director of EP&L with Rev. Bingham.

EP&L arranged for the 2000 Episcopal General Convention in Denver to become the first convention in the United States to be completely powered by wind energy. The impact of this was so great that the 2000 Democratic National Convention followed the church’s example and was also powered by renewable energy.

Chattanooga forms new energy stewardship group
Representatives from several faith-based organizations in the Chattanooga area met this fall to learn about Green Power Switch and determine ways to model and encourage a more Earth-friendly use of energy. The program included a video exploring the connections between energy use, global warming, environmental degradation, caring, and justice.

Following the video, participants discussed existing energy stewardship programs and determined potential paths for the group in support of better and broader stewardship. Representatives from two churches also announced their participation in Green Power Switch.

A winter meeting is also planned. For more information, send an e-mail to Sandy Kurtz (, or call 423-892-5237 in Chattanooga.

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Spreading the Message About Environmental Stewardship
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