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Memphians challenged to embrace sustainability

BRIDGES, a Memphis-based nonprofit that works with youth and adults to combat racism and poverty, has challenged Memphis residents to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 10 million pounds by 2010. Through its Ordinary to Extraordinary: Learning and Leading Green (O2E) program, the organization is helping youth and adults become leaders for sustainability.

BRIDGES promotes hands-on learning through museum-like displays at its center, the first commercial green building in the city. It also offers a study program on sustainability for use with schools and community groups. It encourages residents to take simple action steps to save energy, such as: turning off the water while brushing your teeth, planting a tree, recycling, using compact fluorescent lights, buying food locally, changing household air filters regularly, turning off lights when not in use, reducing shower time, and turning down the water-heater temperature. The challenge also encourages support for green power. Buying one block of green power through Green Power Switch can help reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by more than 3,500 pounds annually!

Financial and technical support for the BRIDGES O2E program was provided by TVA.

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