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GPS Generation Partners’ expansion adds more options for environmental responsibility

TVA and participating power companies have announced some exciting news regarding the Green Power Switch (GPS) Generation Partners® (GP) program: GP is expanding to include larger renewable projects and additional eligible renewable resources. Since 2003, only solar and wind resources have been eligible. Now low impact hydropower and biomass are joining the partnership.

The program provides technical support and incentives to homes and businesses that install renewable generation systems. Participants have the satisfaction of contributing to a cleaner environment while lowering their monthly energy bills through the sale of the green power they generate. They also benefit from increased financial incentives to help with installation costs.

“Generation Partners benefits everyone,” says Susan Ross, Senior Manager in Customer Resources. “It guarantees the residential, commercial or industrial customer payment for all the power the renewable energy source produces. It’s a low-cost way for local power companies to satisfy customers’ requests for net metering, and it provides TVA with lower-cost generation for the Green Power Switch program without having to build new plants.”

Here are some features of the expanded program:

  • Eligible renewable resources include solar, wind, low-impact hydropower, and biomass. Biomass includes all solid, liquid, and gaseous forms of these substances: wood waste, agricultural crops and waste, animal and other organic waste, energy crops, landfill gas, and wastewater methane.
  • Commercial and industrial power customers of any size can now participate. Previously, only homeowners and small businesses were eligible.
  • The maximum system size is now 999 kilowatts, compared with the previous limit of 50. The minimum size remains 500 watts.
  • All new participants qualify for an incentive of $1,000 to help offset start-up costs. That’s double the previous amount.
  • TVA will purchase all of the green power output. Solar earns a premium of 12 cents per kWh, and other eligible resources receive 3 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). These new premiums are paid on top of the retail rate and fuel cost adjustment. Previously, the premium rate for both solar and wind was a flat payment of 15 cents per kWh for residential and 20 cents per kWh for larger customers. Payment for the green power generated is issued to participants in the form of a credit to their monthly power bill.

“We urge those considering installing green power sources to check and see if their power company is a Generation Partners participant,” Ross says. “And we encourage those thinking of purchasing renewable energy sources to check out the federal and state tax credits that may be available.”

Existing GPS Generation Partners customers who wish to enroll in the new expanded pilot structure may do so until September 30, 2009. Their 10-year contracts will restart from the completion of enrollment. Renewal participants will not be eligible for the $1,000 installation incentive.

With all the new program features, there’s never been a better time to install renewable generation and do your part for a cleaner environment. Go to for more information, or call 1-866-673-4340. For information on tax credits and incentives, go to

Spring 2009



Did You Know?

In 2008, Green Power Switch participants kept more than 169 million pounds of CO2 from entering the air, which is the environmental equivalent of taking 14,000 cars off the road!

(Calculated using the EPA Green Power Equivalency calculator)



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