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Melton Hill Dam Sustainable Recreation Area

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TVA is evaluating and showcasing how renewable energy, energy efficiency, water conservation, storm water management, use of recycled coal combustion products, electric vehicle charging, and recycling can be retrofit within an existing TVA recreation environment.

The Melton Hill Dam and Sustainable Recreation Area near Lenoir City, Tenn., is now equipped with solar panels and wind turbine installations to generate clean, renewable electricity. Other technologies such as LED lighting, solar water heating, motion controlled lighting, and low flow water fixtures have been integrated to reduce electrical and water usage and lower site operating costs. Pervious walkways made with recycled coal combustion products have been integrated to reduce storm water runoff, electric vehicle charging stations are available to support use while visiting the site, and single stream recycling is integrated within select day use areas and camp sites.

TVA is researching and evaluating these sustainable technologies for beneficial performance in the recreation campus-like environment. As visitors enjoy recreation at Melton Hill, they will now be consuming less energy and less water than in the past and be able to learn how they might use these technologies in their home or business. TVA is collecting research data on both the total energy consumption at the site and the performance of each technology. One example is evaluating the performance of six different types of solar photovoltaic panels side by side installed on the water front pavilion.

In collaboration with the Electric Power Research Institute, EPRI, TVA has developed a data dashboard to provide live measurements of daily and monthly energy that is produced and utilized onsite. Click here to access the dashboard and learn more about the technologies installed and their benefits to the environment.

The Melton Hill Dam Sustainable Recreation Area has become a model for other TVA recreational sites, as well as federal, state and local recreation lands that TVA doesn’t manage. The performance data that is available on the dashboard is a source for other public recreation agencies to reference in helping them meet their sustainability goals and make better technology investment decisions.

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