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How Will Smart Grid Work?

photo of control panel

New control panel with circuit-breakers, fuses, rails, low voltage meters, current transformers, relays and other electrical equipment.

Digital technologies have transformed other industries, but similar changes have not occurred in the utility business.

TVA is focused on piloting smart metering and other smart grid technologies that will enable the power distribution network to continually monitor the use of the system to better manage and correct problems and promote efficient and reliable service.

Transmission and generation will adjust resources to ensure a continuous supply of energy.

System operations will receive communication on power use from customers on the grid and send data, such as the cost of power use, back to all participants so they can change their power use if necessary.

The network will receive signals to help make smart decisions regarding energy use. Ultimately, those decisions will be communicated back to the grid.

TVA and its partners are exploring a variety of other technologies designed to increase the efficiency of energy use. To learn more about them, see the list at upper right.










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