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Rarity Pointe Development on Tellico Reservoir

Commercial recreation and residential developments

In May 2002, TVA received a request from LTR Properties (Rarity Communities) to make available property under TVA’s control on Tellico Reservoir in Loudon County, Tennessee, for part of a residential resort and golf community that Rarity Communities was
constructing. On July 30 the TVA Board issued a decision on the proposal. It is outlined in the Record of Decision document below.


Record of Decision (PDF file, 20 kb, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Environmental Impact Statement

The entire final environmental impact statement can be viewed by section, as noted below.

Summary and Table of Contents (78 kb)
A summary of the proposal and outline of the contents, including seven chapters and lists of appendices, tables, and figures.

Chapter 1: Purpose and Need (456 kb)
An assessment of the environmental impacts of a request for approximately 118 acres of TVA land, including issues, background, permits and approvals, and other environmental reviews and documentation.

Chapter 2: Range of Alternatives
Part 1 (1.9 mb)
Part 2 (2.9 mb)
A summary of the proposed action, comparison of the five alternatives, mitigation considered, and identification of the preferred alternative.

Chapter 3: Affected Environment (928 kb)
A detailed description of the environmental setting and a discussion of the identified resources, species, and other issues.

Chapter 4: Environmental Consequences (1.1 mb)
A discussion of environmental consequences under the five alternatives for each resource discipline, including a list of proposed mitigation measures.

Chapter 5: Preparers and Contributors (28 kb)
A list of those who prepared and contributed to the final document.

Chapter 6: Agencies, Organizations, and Persons Receiving the FEIS (29 kb)
A list of federal, state, and local agencies and individuals to whom copies were sent.

Chapter 7: Supporting Information (88 kb)
A list of literature cited, a glossary of terms, and a word index.

Appendix A: Applicant’s Proposal
Part 1: Pages A-1 through A-35 (1.5 mb)
Part 2: Pages A-36 through A-70 (2 mb)
Part 3: Pages A-71 through A-104 (1.3 mb)
Part 4: Pages A-105 through A-139 (1.1 mb)
A description of the Rarity Pointe Development Plan; Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions; Rarity Pointe Articles of Agreement; and a permit request package for the Tellico Pointe Marina.

Appendix B: Public Involvement and Responses to Comments (444 kb)
A TVA review of all public comments, grouping similar comments into themes. (Responses to all comments were prepared by TVA staff.) Copies of the public notice announcing a public informational meeting for commenting on the draft document.

Appendix C: Wetland Information and Mitigation Plan (191 kb)
A plan designed to replace and offset shoreline wetlands and wildlife habitat impacts. Wetland determination data, including vegetation, hydrology, and soils.

Appendix D: Terrestrial Ecology Information (91 kb)
A detailed list of plants and animals (common and scientific names); a comparison of TVA lands to mitigation lands; and a list of non-native, non-invasive species suitable for erosion-control and stabilization activities.

Appendix E: Correspondence (573 kb)
Comment letters from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of the Interior, the East Tennessee Development District, and the Tennessee Historical Commission.

Appendix F: Water Quality Information (31 kb)
Information on marine discharges, pump-out stations, and storage tanks.

Appendix G: Recreation Information and General-Standard Conditions (1.4 mb)
The proposed land use allocations for the Wildcat Rock land exchange, a conceptual site plan for the greenway trailhead, TVA Section 26a and land use guidelines.

For more information, contact:
Spencer D. Boardman, Project Manger, 865-632-1550, sdboardman@tva.gov
Richard L. Toennisson, NEPA Coordinator, 865-632-8517, rltoennisson@tva.gov

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