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MEGAPOP Regional Internet Access Loop

Neshoba, Newton, and Lauderdale Counties, Mississippi

TVA has decided to assist a local consortium known as MEGAPOP, the Mississippi Economic Growth Alliance and Point of Presence Inc, in the creation of a loop of fiber optic line to provide regional broadband internet access in northern Mississippi. TVA’s role is to administer a $2,000,000 Appalachian Regional Commission grant to install a 40-mile stretch of line between the cities of Philadelphia and Meridian and also to allow the use of the agency’s own fiber optic system between Cordova, Tennessee (near Memphis) and Philadelphia. TVA has prepared an environmental assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact that gives the details and rationale for this decision.


PDF files, require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Environmental Assessment (PDF, 770 kb)

Finding of No Significant Impact (PDF, 15 kb)


For additional information contact:

Peter K. Scheffler, AICP
TVA Environmental Policy and Planning
400 West Summit Hill Drive, WT 9B
Knoxville, Tennessee 37902
Phone: 865-632-8040
Fax: 865-632-6855
E-mail: pkscheffler@tva.gov

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