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Little Cedar Mountain Development Alternatives

Nickajack Reservoir — Marion County, Tennessee

TVA appreciates your interest in the Little Cedar Mountain Environmental Assessment (EA). Following the closure of Nickajack Dam in 1967, TVA received proposals from local governments and individuals for recreational and residential development on several tracts of Nickajack Reservoir Planned Land. In order to respond to the growing number of proposals, TVA completed an environmental review to evaluate the effects of a mixed-use development of these tracts.

During 1996, the general public, state and federal officials, and various special interest groups were invited to participate in the public scoping. Many comments were received. TVA specialists used this public input, resource data, and their professional knowledge about the project area to develop a draft EA addressing various resource issues.

After completion of the EA, TVA found that the impacts of adopting Alternative 2 would be insignificant. In total, approval of these development actions will not have a significant impact on the quality of the environment. Accordingly, an environmental impact statement is not required.

TVA has recently received for consideration a request for a mixed use development project on Nickajack Reservoir. Environmental review will begin by evaluating the adequacy of the existing 1996 Final Environmental Assessment (EA) for Little Cedar Mountain Parcel 3. In the Nickajack Land Plan this parcel was allocated for public recreation, commercial recreation, and residential development. Parcel 4 was allocated for commercial and public recreation.

If the EA does not address all environmental issues related to the current proposal, TVA may supplement the existing EA or prepare an additional environmental review to meet TVA and NEPA requirements.


The Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact can be viewed below (PDF files, require Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Purpose and Need for Action (224 kb, PDF)
Includes table of contents and chapter one: The nature of the proposed project and the federal approvals requested.

Alternatives and Mitigation Measures (256 kb, PDF)
The alternatives considered, including TVA’s preferred alternative.

Affected Environment (636 kb, PDF)
The alternatives, the likely implications of their selections, and potential mitigation measures.

Environmental Consequences (816 kb, PDF)
The environmental consequences that would likely result from adopting any of the four alternatives.

Commitments (60 kb, PDF)
Commitments that would be implemented with the selection of Alternative 2, TVA’s preferred alternative.

Response to Public Comments (644 kb, PDF)
Comments received from the public and a listing of federal, state, and local agencies consulted.

Vicinity Map (600 kb, PDF)

Little Cedar Mountain Properties Map (600 kb, PDF)

Little Cedar Mountain Development Project Commitment Buffers (60 kb, PDF)

Comments (676 kb, PDF)
Received from federal and state agencies consulted and TVA or USACE responses. Prime farmland conversion impact rating.

Survey (616 kb, PDF)
A survey and evaluation of wetlands located in the Little Cedar Mountain property, Marion County, Tennessee

Identified wetland descriptions (672 kb, PDF)

Finding of No Significant Impact (132 kb, PDF)


To provide comments or obtain more information, contact Chellye L. Campbell, Pickwick-Wheeler Watershed Team, P.O. Box 1010, SB 1H-M, Muscle Shoals, AL 35662-1010; call 256-386-3518; or send an e-mail to ccampbell@tva.gov.

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