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Jagger Branch Community Dock Facilities

Jagger Branch, Guntersville Reservoir, Marshall County, Alabama

TVA has received requests for approval under Section 26a of the TVA Act for community dock facilities associated with two different subdivision developments in the Jagger Branch arm of the Honeycomb Creek embayment of Guntersville Reservoir.

The developer of one of the subdivisions, the Shady Oaks Subdivision, requested approval of a fixed community dock to accommodate 20 boats, as well as the installation of a culvert to improve storm-water drainage. TVA participated with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the development of an environmental assessment (EA) of this permit request. On May 16, 2007, TVA issued a finding of no significant impact and adopted the Corps EA.

The developer of the second subdivision, the Jagger Branch Subdivision, requested approval of two fixed community dock docks with a total of 44 boat slips and dredging of an area 200' x 220' with a 50' x 680' channel to improve boat access. These facilities would be at the upstream end of the Jagger Branch embayment, about 0.5 miles upstream of the Shady Oaks Subdivision.

Because these two developments are close to each other and affect common resources, TVA decided to assess their potential environmental impacts in a single EA. This EA would incorporate and augment the previous assessment of the proposed Shady Oaks Subdivision facilities.

After TVA began developing the EA assessing both developments, the two applicants officially withdrew their permit applications for the community facilities in the Jagger Branch embayment. TVA will therefore take no further action in processing these applications and will not issue the requested permits. Therefore, Parties of Record (POR) appeal rights concerning these two applications are no longer valid.

All future applications for water use facilities on these tracts of land are subject to TVA regulations, policies, and guidelines, including the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review process.

TVA and the Corps issued public notices of these proposed actions (Jagger Branch and Shady Oaks). In response to comments received from the public, TVA held public hearings to solicit additional information on October 16 and November 15, 2007. The comments TVA received during the public hearings are available below. These are the full, unedited comments submitted either in writing or verbally at these hearings.


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Finding of No Significant Impact (PDF, 215 kb)

Final Environmental Assessment (PDF, 138 kb)

Crowder Comments

Court Reporter (PDF, 191 kb)

Written Hearing 1 (PDF, 3.9 mb)

Written Hearing 2 (PDF, 6.8 mb)

Written Hearing 3 (PDF, 2.8 mb)

Written Hearing 4 (PDF, 3 mb)

Jagger Branch

Court Reporter (PDF, 229 kb)

Written Hearing 1 (PDF, 4.2 mb)

Written Hearing 2 (PDF, 5.2 mb)

Written Hearing 3 (PDF, 5.1 mb)

Globally Green 1 (PDF, 4.5 mb)

Globally Green 2 (PDF, 5.6 mb)

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