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Non-Road Transportation Electrification and Infrastructure Applications

Project Description

The Non-Road Transportation Electrification and Infrastructure Project supports research and future implementation of a self-sustaining program to encourage market development of non-road electric vehicles. The goal is to provide lasting environmental benefits by supporting the use of clean-emission electric-powered vehicles as an alternative to traditional petroleum-fuel powered vehicles.

Project Implementation

TVA conducted a market assessment of non-road electric vehicles and infrastructure placement in the Tennessee Valley. The results of the assessment identified four technologies that will be pursued from this project. The non-road electric vehicle technologies include:

  • Electric Forklifts
  • Airport Ground-Support Equipment (GSE)
  • Truck Stop Electrification (TSE)
  • Electric Truck Refrigeration Units (eTRU)

Electric Forklifts

TVA is offering an electric forklift incentive program to both TVA Local Power Company (LPC) and Directly-Served Industrial (DSI) customers and those served by the LPC. This program will provide customers a $2,000 incentive to replace internal combustion forklift vehicles with electric powered forklifts. To learn more about this limited-time incentive offer, please visit

Airport Ground Support Equipment

The Airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Program will release a request for proposals (RFP) for the installation and operation of electric GSE.

The Airport GSE project is open to airports, airport authorities, airlines, and any other business operating GSE within the TVA service territory and receiving electric service directly from TVA or through a local lower company served by TVA.

The project may award up to $1,170,000 to one or more qualifying respondents. The funds may be used for any project which leads to the installation and operation of electrically-powered GSE and a demonstrable reduction in emissions from internal combustion engines and supporting equipment. These projects may include (but are not limited to) the following GSE:

  • Electric Pushback or Electric Aircraft Tractors
  • Electric Belt Loaders
  • Electric Tugs and Tow Tractors
  • Ground Power Units
  • Pre-Conditioned Air Units (PCAs)
  • Other fossil-fueled (gas/diesel) technologies that can be replaced with electric options that support airport/airline operations

Airport GSE RFP Key Dates:

  • Release RFP: June 29, 2015
  • Pre-bid Webinar: July 10, 2015 Register Here
  • Intent to Bid: July 15, 2015
  • Questions Due: July 17, 2015
  • Proposals Due: August 21, 2015

Airport GSE RFP

For Airport GSE RFP inquires contact Brad Wagner at

Request for Proposals (Word .docx, 320 kb)

Webinar presentation (PDF, 1.4 mb)

Webinar questions (PDF, 103 kb)

Electric Truck Refrigeration Units (eTRU) and Truck Stop Electrification (TSE)

The Electric Truck Refrigeration Units (eTRU) and Truck Stop Electrification (HD-TSE) programs are under development. These two programs are scheduled to be available Spring 2016.


Project Milestones Dates*
Conduct market assessment to identify technologies and emission reduction potential

 January - September 2014
Develop program strategies September - October 2014
Design incentive program(s) October 2014 - March 2015
Launch Electric Forklift Incentive Program March 9, 2015
Release Airport GSE RFP Summer 2015
Release Heavy-Duty Truck Electrification (HD-TSE) RFP Spring 2016
Release Truck Refrigeration Unit (TRU) RFP**

Spring 2016
Complete Project January 22, 2018


* Dates are tentative and subject to change

EPA Agreement Five-Year Budget

No less than $8 million in combination with Medium Duty Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Project.

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