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My job rocks

TVA employees are on the job 24/7, keeping the lights on, running the river system, managing TVA lands and supporting TVA’s operations. In this column, you’ll hear from TVA employees who can say, “My job rocks!”

Leanne Gross

Human Resources asociate , Chattanooga


Leanne Gross discusses personnel approvals with Andy Wright, HR service manager (left), and Steve Hargrove, general manager of Combustion Turbine/Combined Cycle Operations.

After graduating from Auburn University in August 2008 with a degree in Human Resources Management, Leanne Gross applied to TVA, was hired as an employment assistant, promoted to HR assistant in April and then to associate in October.

“I happened to be the luckiest girl alive,” says Gross. “I have a lot of friends who are out of college getting whatever jobs they can find, if they can find any at all, until they get what they really want. I’m actually getting to start my career rather than just bide my time. I feel extremely blessed to have found my first job doing something I love, in a place I love.”

Gross grew up on Signal Mountain and went to Girls Preparatory School. Her grandfather, Denson Broadfoot, was an electrical engineer at TVA in Chattanooga and spent some of his years in the Lookout Place building, where Leanne works today.

Gross started as a marketing major at Auburn, but after a few classes, she realized she liked human resources. She confirmed that on a summer internship with the Lee County, Ala., Commission. “Helping people get employed is very rewarding for me,” she says.

As an employment assistant, Gross scheduled interviews, extended job offers and coordinated New Employee Orientation. She also made travel arrangements for interview candidates, processed background investigations and scheduled pre-employment exams.

She is now more involved in HR operations, consulting with management about workforce planning, talent management, selections,compensation and labor relations. As an HR associate, she also serves as a contact for employees and with managers regarding the selection process.

“I feel privileged to work for a company that does so many wonderful things for the place where I grew up,” says Gross. “I’m enjoying
learning about TVA as a whole – the plants, the transmission system and the utility industry.

“In this, my first job out of college, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to work with. Everyone at TVA is so helpful and encouraging, and I have already made many lifelong friends.

“I’m surrounded by people who care about each other and the work that we do!”

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