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Frequently asked questions about diversity

What is the TVA Diversity & Inclusion Vision?

To maximize the  power of diversity and inclusion to drive superior business results and sustainable competitive advantage.

How will TVA achieve this vision?

By developing skilled, high performance workforces that are reflective of the diverse communities in which we serve. By fostering inclusive cultures that embrace our differences and drive innovation to accelerate growth.  By working with business leaders to identify and establish targeted market opportunities for stake holders across diverse demographic areas. By cultivating external relationships with professional, patient, and civic groups to support business priorities.

Why is TVA focusing on diversity?

Excellence in diversity will ensure our ability to meet the demands of a changing world with a vision worthy of our values and our commitment to our three fold mission of excellence in Energy, Environment, and Economic Development. When we achieve our Diversity & Inclusion Vision, diversity becomes one of our most important competitive advantages.

Isn’t diversity the same as the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action efforts?

While our U.S. Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Programs are related to and support our diversity initiative, the diversity focus is a concept that helps make our work environments supportive of the success of all employees, creating environments that are attractive to diverse applicant pools. It makes us an “employer of choice.” As we look outward, it ensures that we respect and understand our stake holders and customers.

How is diversity defined at TVA?

Across the TVA valley, diversity is defined as a variety of similar and different characteristics among people including age, gender, race, religion, national origin, physical ability, sexual orientation, thinking style, background and all other attributes that make each person unique.

Do all differences matter? What if I’m not in a “diverse” area?

The relevance of differences varies depending on the context, situation and geographic location. For example, individuals could be of the same ethnicity and gender, yet their education, age and family status may differ significantly. These dissimilarities may impact how the individuals relate to one another. Two very important principles of diversity are that we do not exclude people based on differences and that we do not allow differences to adversely impact our business decisions.

How does the broad definition affect us as employees?

The broad definition includes all of us. It recognizes that we all have differences and similarities. Some of those differences are obvious some not so obvious. Some hold more importance to us than others. The intent is to help us understand and remove barriers that any of us may face due to our differences, and to leverage the advantages our diversity offers.

Is diversity a Program?

No, diversity is not a program or series of events. It’s an ongoing strategic process that supports the ethics and business objectives of TVA. It is essential for our continued success as an organization.

Does your diversity initiative have the support from the top of the organization?

It has support from our CEO, the Business Council, and senior leadership throughout the company. In fact, our CEO has mandated excellence in diversity, created an Office of Corporate Responsibility & Diversity, and has provided resources to ensure the Office of Corporate Responsibility & Diversity achieves its vision.

What is required of managers regarding diversity?

Every manager is responsible for creating a workplace that is supportive of employees and allows them the opportunity to succeed to the full extent of their potential. Managers must educate themselves about diversity and combine that knowledge with good management practices to ensure excellence in recruiting, developing, promoting and retaining a diverse and inclusive workforce.

What is expected of TVA employees?

All employees contribute towards TVA having a successful and diverse workforce.  TVA employees create an inclusive work environment by promoting respect and valuing differences.




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