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Boone Reservoir

Drawdown for Dam Maintenance

Starting mid-December, TVA will lower Boone Reservoir around 14 feet below normal winter levels. The drawdown is needed to replace large chains and cables used to operate the gates on the dam.

Annual Drawdown Cycle


image of annual drawdown cycle

Boone Dam Maintenance

TVA is performing two maintenance tasks during this drawdown to ensure safe operation of the dam and support year-round enjoyment of the reservoir.

During the drawdown, TVA will replace wire rope used to raise and lower the spillway gates, and replace chains that help control the dam's power intake.

image of cutaway

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Dock Maintenance

The drawdown will also allow residents to perform general dock and marina maintenance, permitted shoreline stabilization and reservoir cleanup. TVA encourages property owners to prepare docks and boats for abnormally low water levels. For questions regarding dock permitting or other general maintenance questions, please contact the Environmental Information Center by calling 1-800-882-5263.

Return to Normal

The two projects are expected to be completed by the end of February. Return of the reservoir to normal summer levels will depend on rain and runoff conditions in the spring. To monitor reservoir conditions, see Boone Reservoir's operating guide.


chart approximating elevations for special drawdown


Please note that it is illegal to
dig for, disturb or remove archaeological artifacts on federal property, including land normally covered by water. Please report anyone digging for artifacts by calling 1-855-476-2489.

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